Tom was hands down my favorite landlord in Muncie. Any time there was in issue (which was rare), he always came to help same day or next day. Not to mention the property was affordable for how spacious it was. I would recommend them to anyone!

– Maria

“I have lived in many apartments through my life, as well as rented a lot while in Muncie. This is hands down the best renter that I have worked with. Being able to stay in an actual house offers a lot more privacy and comfort than living in a dorm or apartment building. There have been plenty of people that I have rented with who were poor at maintaining their properties, or downright predatory with their rates, and Tom and Barbara consistently go above and beyond. Their houses are comfortable, and if I could do it all over again, I would only rent with them.”

– A. Drake

“Thanks so much for letting us rent from you for two years in a row. I have recommended you to a few others as well. Thanks again!”

– Christi

Can’t believe this is K’s last rent check. Have to admit I was very nervous about her moving off campus with 6 girls in the beginning. I want to tell you what a good experience it was for her living in your property. I appreciate that you always took good care of the house and they had a safe place to stay. Would recommend anyone to rent from you. Thanks for watching over the girls for the last three years. 

– Donna Imfeld 

“I have been a tenant of the May’s for 3 years and I can honestly say it has been a great experience. Throughout my time, Tom has helped my roommates and I in more ways than one. One of these ways is the assistance in household maintenance. In these times of need, Tom has come the day of the call or the day after. One example of this is when I could not get into my room one evening and accidently broke the window trying to get in. I called Tom the next morning and he came right over and replaced that window. He also replaced the broken lock in my door. Additionally, Tom has replaced light bulbs and helped us with basic maintenance.

Tom has also updated utilities in our house such as a new TV, a new dishwasher, and added a deep freezer. Because of this, we have been able to have a more comfortable lifestyle. These items were out of the pocket and generosity of the May’s and all of these things were done without us asking. Additionally, the May’s have been understanding and caring about our situations in life. They are interested and willing to help when it is needed.

As a result of our experiences with the May’s as our landlords, my roommates and I have promoted future tenants for the May’s. This is because we hope for others to have the same positive experiences as we did with their living experiences here in Muncie at BSU”

– Jamie Bills 

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